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SHOWS of the Singer-Songwriter


Kuba - Jamaika - Mexiko - USA - a musical report from our journey with 4 kids 
Lukas Eichenberger  |  Hotel Kreuz | Berne, Switzerland
7.30 pm, free entry


Saxophon and Piano - Songs from the new album and the musicals - Birthday-party (private)
Lukas Eichenberger


no tickets - private
Lukas Eichenberger unplugged - new album tour "Prägt"
Lukas Eichenberger (Vocals, ac.guit, sax), Martin Stöckli (piano), Stefanie Keller (violine)
Theater Alte Oele   |   Thun, Switzerland

Choir-Project Easter 2018 -

29.3. - 2.4.2018 - div. locations

no ticketing yet
Choir-project with the Musical-Ensemble of Art of Emotions   |   div. Locations   |   in Berne and other cities, Switzerland

Spring 2019

3rd Musical from Lukas Eichenberger will be presented (debut performance)  
not ticketing yet

more dates to come

want to organize a concert with me? Great - let's talk   |   we are looking for new concert locations in Switzerland, Germany, England, USA.
Pictures of the shows you will find here. The music you'll find here.
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