SHOWS of the Singer-Songwriter

Saxophon and Piano - Songs from the new album and the musicals - Birthday-party (private)
Lukas Eichenberger


Lukas Eichenberger unplugged - new album tour "Prägt"
Lukas Eichenberger (Vocals, ac.guit, sax), Martin Stöckli (piano), Stefanie Keller (violine)
Theater Alte Oele   |   Thun, Switzerland


Choir-Project Easter 2018 -

29.3. - 2.4.2018 - div. locations

Choir-project with the Musical-Ensemble of Art of Emotions   |   div. Locations   |   in Berne and other cities, Switzerland
3rd Musical from Lukas Eichenberger will be presented (debut performance)  

Spring 2019

want to organize a concert with me? Great - let's talk   |   we are looking for new concert locations in Switzerland, Germany, England, USA.
Pictures of the shows you will find here. The music you'll find here.

more dates to come

not ticketing yet
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no tickets - private


Kuba - Jamaika - Mexiko - USA - a musical report from our journey with 4 kids 
Lukas Eichenberger  |  Hotel Kreuz | Berne, Switzerland
7.30 pm, free entry