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No-Cover-Night: 2nd Edition in April 2019 in Planning

After the first edition of the "No-Cover-Night" in Berne and Thun (Switzerland) we are planning the 2nd edition. This time again with three Swiss Musicians or bands who play no covers. Only music which was written by them is allowed.

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Lukas Eichenberger in accoustic àTrio-Version-

26 April 20.00 Uhr Bern Rest. Bärenhöfli Switzerland

27 April Thun AEK Caffè Switzerland

Lukas Eichenberger with his touching program "Prägt" from his new album in an unplugged version with violin, piano and acoustic guitar and saxophone. An evening with style, romance and emotions.  

Lukas Eichenberger (vocals, ac. Git and Sax) Martin Stöckli (Piano) Stefanie Keller (violin)

Lukas Eichenberger - Kanal

Lukas Eichenberger - Kanal

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Lukas Eichenberger live im Raio BeO

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