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Lukas Eichenberger is a Swiss musician, musical-composer, singer-songwriter, sociologist and father of four girls. His music is full of emotions, based on melodies one remembers but also lyrics with a real meaning on different topics and questions of our time.  
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Born the 25th Feb 1973 in Berne, Switzerland, 

Lukas Eichenberger grew up in Boll, near Berne, Switzerland. He loved to play Football and was very angry about the fact, that his parents wanted him to learn the violin. Only years later he discovered the passion for the music, he founded his own youth-choir, started to write his first songs. With 17 he spent one year as an exchange student in Jamaica, where he learned to love the country and it's fascinating musical tradition with 24hours of Reggae-Music a day. Until now, Jamaica is for him his second home-country.

Back in Switzerland, he studied Sociology and Economics at the University of Geneva. At the same time he studied Saxophone at the Ecole des Téchnologies Musicales in Geneva. The guitar he learned from Slatko Perica, one of the most famous Swiss quitar players (Gölä, DJ Bobo, Bligg). After the Master in Sociology he worked at the University of Frbourg, Switzerland on international studies about the war in Rwanda, he was engaged in workshops with the students in Butare, Rwanda, helping them to understand the escalation of the terrible civil war of 1994. Then he planned to go to Los Angeles to study music at the Musicians Institute. But he gave priority to his family. Lukas Eichenberger is very grateful to be father of four daughters, who are making music on stage with him regularly. 2005 he became independant as a Business Consultant and worked as a specialist of conflict resolution and change processes. 2012 he wrote his first Musical "Über d'Brügg" (across the bridge) which was very successful with over 10'000 spectators in over 40 shows. This was the first step of his musical career, 2015 followed the second Musical "Angela" and 2016 he released his first personal album "Prägt" (molded). On this album he dedicated one song to each of his daughters and his wife Sandra. In 2017 he won several competitions, so the November-Award of The Akademia in Los Angeles. Take contact and book this outstanding musician for a concert or your event: Book here!

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